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Since 1984, DEDA™MISR has been in the business of manufacturing the highest quality steel buildings across EGYPT and around. From arenas and entertainment venues to commercial and manufacturing facilities, DEDA™MISR has helped industrial, commercial, recreational, institutional and agricultural clients reach their full potential.

DEDA™MISR has the expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of steel buildings, multi-storey buildings, storage tanks, cranes, elevators, and all types of scaffolds and doors, fences, pipelines, irrigation systems, water supply, swimming pools, fire systems.

DEDA™MISR’s capabilities in high temperature furnace technologies are focused on continuous processing at high temperatures and in controlled atmospheres for a range of advanced materials.

DEDA™MISR offers a variety of thermal processing solutions, including furnaces, kilns, ovens, calciners, pyrolysis, conveyor furnace.   More...


Scaffolds Types DEDA MISR

Movable work platforms: A movable work platform is a platform that can be moved, manually or by power, in either the vertical or horizontal direction, or both, and covers a range of types of equipment. The different types of movable work platform shown in the chart can be discussed in three groups: suspended staging, elevating work platforms, and platforms supported by other equipment.   More...

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We specialize in the manufacture and installation of Rotary kiln for Calcination, Coal-oil & Pelletization.   More...

SOLAR DEDA Tube Lights

SOLAR-DEDA™Tube Save up to 90% daytime lighting costs with significant reduction in both A/C heat load and run time with tube lights   More...

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